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Products : Critical Power / Power Quality
General Purpose 600V Transformers, Dry Type
Drive Isolation Transformers (Dry-type & Liquid Filled)
Substation Transformers (Dry-type & Liquid Filled)
Switchgear Transformers
Paralleling Switchgear
Custom Switchgear and Panelboards
High Efficiency Transformers - Low Voltage
Rotatable IR Viewing Ports
Power Distribution Centers & Custom Enclosures
Power Solutions (Low Voltage & Medium Voltage)
Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS)
Power Factory Correction Capacitors (PFCC)
WOW Sustainability Management Platform
Meters & Sensors
Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
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Surge Suppression
Harmonic Filters
Sine Wave , dV/dT, DC Chokes, EMI/RFI filters