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Products : Automation and Control
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Harsh Duty Ploycarbonate Enclosures
Connectivity (SmartWire-DT)
Count Control Products
Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights and Selector Switches
Distribution & Termination
Relays & Timers
Industrial Miniature Circuit Breakers
Sensors & Limit Switches
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Industrial Wireless and Wireless Mobile Control Solutions
Switches & Disconnects
Operator Interfaces
Hazardous Locations - Control Stations and Devices
Hazardous Locations - Installation Equipment and Accessories (Enclosures)
Hazardous Locations - Power Distribution/Panel Boards
Hazardous Locations - Load Disconnect Switches and Motor Starters
Variable Frequency Drives
FLEXIBLE Insulated Bus Bar
Insulated Braids
Power Distribution Blocks
Enclosures Wall Mount
Enclosures FreeStanding
Enclosure Climate Control
Harmonic Filters
Sine Wave , dV/dT, DC Chokes, EMI/RFI filters